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Ordering Numbers Worksheets

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Ordering numbers and number sequencing are common themes found throughout the UK maths National Curriculum, and form the basis for many other topics. Being able to order numbers in both ascending and descending order is an important skill, so help your child improve their knowledge and understanding with our ordering numbers worksheets! First appearing in our year 1 maths worksheets and helping your child up until our year 7 maths worksheets, students at any level can use our number sequencing worksheets to learn, revise or test their understanding! Working closely with educational professionals, our team of UK teachers have created number ordering worksheets that are aligned to the National Curriculum, regularly reviewed and updated to include new content and fun number sequencing activities!

Learn about number sequencing worksheets

As one of the first topics that your child will learn about in their KS1 maths worksheets, ordering numbers and number sequencing can help your child understand more about numbers and how they relate to each other. Ordering numbers is also an important skill to help with other maths topics, supporting them as they complete numbers worksheets, addition worksheets, subtraction worksheets and more. We present information in an easy to understand, approachable format to suit the needs of every student - whether they’re just starting their educational journey or approaching the all important SATs exams! Our online interactive ordering numbers activities are engaging as well as informative, giving your child an opportunity to learn in a supportive environment. Using colours, number lines, diagrams and more, our ordering numbers worksheets are perfect for support outside of the classroom or as part of a homeschooling plan!

Our Key Stage 1 ordering numbers worksheets help to introduce your child to the basics of ordering numbers. Our year 1 ordering numbers worksheets will help your child be able to arrange 4, 5 and 6 numbers in ascending order - alongside learning how to count to 20 both forwards and backwards, your child will start to understand the concept of number sequencing. Our year 2 ordering numbers worksheets will encourage your child to arrange numbers up to 100 in both ascending and descending order. They will also learn how to identify a missing number on a number line, testing their understanding of sequencing simple numbers.


Key Stage 2 ordering numbers worksheets further deepen your child’s understanding of ordering larger, more complex numbers. Year 3 ordering numbers worksheets and year 4 ordering numbers worksheets will introduce the arrangement of three-digit and four-digit numbers in ascending and descending order, helping them feel more confident when working with larger numbers. They’ll also be introduced to working with decimals; they will learn and start to feel confident ordering numbers with one decimal place.


Our year 5 ordering numbers worksheets include ordering negative numbers, helping them become familiar with ordering numbers between 0 and -20. Our year 6 ordering numbers worksheets allow you child to review and test their knowledge, asking them to independently order a mixture of negative and positive integers in ascending and descending orders. This also gives you a chance to see their progress, and help them with anything they still don’t quite understand! Rounding off your child’s understanding, our year 7 number sequencing worksheets ask your child to identify whether a number is larger or smaller than another.

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