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Money Worksheets

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Money worksheets are an often forgotten aspect of the maths curriculum. With a range of money activities, questions and answers and other resources, our money worksheets teach your child different denominations of coins and notes, how to use different combinations to reach a desired amount of money and much more. We work with a team of teachers to ensure our money activities are completely aligned with the National Curriculum, giving your child the breadth and depth of knowledge they’ll need in their school life. Our money worksheets start in Key Stage 1 and increase in difficulty until Key Stage 2, and when used in conjunction with our maths worksheets and other resources, can give your child additional support with their education.

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We’ve designed our money worksheets to be the perfect learning aid whether your child is in school or you’re looking for an independent homeschooling resource to educate your child from home. We use visual examples, information, questions and more to make our maths topics including fractions worksheets, addition worksheets and money worksheets educational and engaging, and coupled with our regular revision activities, helps your child to consolidate their knowledge of previous topics. Whether you want to teach your child about counting cash, calculating change or more, try one of our sample free money worksheets today.

Our Key Stage 1 money worksheets help your child begin to develop their understanding of money, and begin to recognise smaller coins. Our year 1 money worksheets in particular focus on paying with two and three coins, and recognising coins up to both 20p and two pounds.


Our year 2 money worksheets start to teach your child how to count cash, and start to give them an understanding of how to calculate change from one pound, adding different denominations of coins, paying for items and counting the value of different coins in pence and pounds. With a range of different money activities and fun ways to complete our worksheets, your child should start to consolidate their knowledge and advance to more complex ideas.


By the time your child reaches our Key Stage 2 money worksheets, they should have a good understanding of the basics of calculating change and adding the value of different coins. Our year 3 money worksheets will encourage your child to count change from higher denominations, including 5 pounds, 10 pounds and 20 pounds. They should know the differences between 1 pound, 10p and 1p coins and how to add them together to make different amounts.


Year 4 money worksheets will teach your child how to write amounts of money using pounds, and how to express pence as fractions. They should be able to independently solve money problems, and start to subtract different amounts of money from each other. Year 5 money worksheets will encourage your child to subtract, add, and divide with money more confidently, and use real life examples to test their knowledge and understanding.

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