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Numbers Worksheets

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Numbers are the very foundation of everything maths related, which is why numbers worksheets can be an important resource for any learner! Numbers appear in whatever topic you’re covering, at whatever level, so to say they’re important is an understatement! Our number worksheets have been designed by our very own team of teachers to ensure they’re 100% aligned to the National Curriculum, perfect whether you’re looking for an independent homeschooling aid or resource to help your child outside of the classroom. We use a range of fun number activities, practice number questions and much more to make sure your child has all of the knowledge and understanding they need to support them throughout all of our other maths worksheets.

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We know how difficult it can be to keep learning fun; that’s why we make an effort to make all of our numbers worksheets and resources engaging and rewarding to complete. Learning is even better when it doesn’t feel like a chore, something we keep in mind when designing our number worksheets! Because numbers appear everywhere in the curriculum, we start our number worksheets in Key Stage 1 and help your child through Key Stage 2 and all the way up to Key Stage 3 and beyond, making sure they have all of the support they need to develop their understanding as much as possible. Useful for our addition worksheets, division worksheets, multiplication worksheets and much more, why not try one of our free number worksheets today to see if they might be able to help your child.

KS1 number worksheets start with the real basics when it comes to numbers; reading and writing numbers, counting and simple calculations are all topics your child will learn throughout our year 1 number worksheets. Year 2 number worksheets help your child count to higher amounts, as well as start to introduce more addition, subtraction, simple fractions and counting money to help them apply what they learn to real life situations.


Our KS2 number worksheets help your child to further develop their knowledge in calculations, and introduce more difficult ideas. Year 3 number worksheets and year 4 number worksheets will help your child independently complete more complex calculations, measurements, as well as help them interpret numbers to a higher level. Their mental maths skills will also continue to develop through a range of number activities and number questions and answers. Our year 5 number worksheets and year 6 number worksheets will consolidate all of your child’s knowledge and teach them new concepts surrounding decimals, negative numbers, special numbers and more. By the end of KS2 number worksheets, your child should have a good understanding and application of numbers, ready to move onto Key Stage 3!


Our KS3 number worksheets aim to help your child round off their knowledge as they progress towards the end of their school life - both introducing more topics and ensuring all of their previous knowledge is reinforced is important throughout Key Stage 3. Our year 7 number worksheets further develop your child’s mental math skills with positive and negative numbers and improve on their ratio and fractions, place value and probability knowledge.


Our year 8 number worksheets and year 9 number worksheets provide a great overview and revision opportunity for all of the knowledge your child has learnt in previous years. Brushing up on the biggest topics including angles, decimals, fractions and calculations ensures your child has a comprehensive understanding of numbers and how they can be applied in different contexts. Have a browse through our number activities and other resources to see if our number worksheets can benefit you and your child.

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