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Calculate Angles at a Point and on a Straight Line

In this worksheet, students will calculate angles at a point and on a straight line.

'Calculate Angles at a Point and on a Straight Line' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 3

Year:  Year 7 Maths worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Geometry and Measures

Curriculum subtopic:   Apply the Properties of Angles

Popular topics:   Angles worksheets

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

 How do you feel about angles?  They're all around us if you think about it.  Why not take a look around and see how many you can see?


What's an angle?  An angle can be found anywhere that two straight lines meet.  It's the space in the middle of the two lines.


PencilLook at this pencil - the lead showing at the end could represent an angle for example!

To be able to feel confident when dealing with angles, we need to learn a few key rules.  You can come back to this at any time, or, you may find it useful to write these down!


Rules of Angles:

1.  Angles at a point add to 360° - but what does this mean? Take a look below and you can see the point is where the two lines meet.  If we were to continue drawing around the whole point you would see that we would have drawn a ... circle!


 The angles at a point add up to 360° 



The missing angle is 360 - 270

360 - 270 = 90°



2.  Angles on a straight line add to 180°  If you take a protractor to any straight line and measure the angle on it, you will find it always equals 180°, which is half the angle in a circle.



The missing angle is 180 - 65

180 - 65 = 115°


Are you ready to get your brain into gear to find some angles?

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