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KS3 maths worksheets

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When your child reaches KS3, they should already have a good understanding of key maths topics and will be ready to build upon this knowledge with the KS3 maths curriculum. We think Key Stage 3 maths is one of the most important stages of the curriculum for your child, which is why we’ve developed a fun and interesting range of KS3 maths worksheets to help support your child’s learning. We work with qualified UK teachers to make sure our learning resources are aligned to the KS3 UK National curriculum. Therefore you can be sure your child is learning everything they need to know, whether you’re using our resources to supplement  school learning, or as the basis for your homeschooling program.

KS3 maths worksheets by year group

How can Key Stage 3 maths worksheets help?




Our worksheet resources and activities can help to improve your child’s confidence when approaching Key Stage 3 maths problems and questions. Ideal for use at home or in a classroom environment, our online KS3 maths worksheets are accessible, engaging and designed to help make learning new concepts easy. Our year 7 maths worksheets, year 8 maths worksheets and year 9 maths worksheets are designed with student needs in mind - containing a mixture of educational resources and visual elements, making our KS3 maths activities perfectly balanced to maximise learning and fun!


With colourful, visual representations of maths concepts, our KS3 maths resources break up the stereotypical black and white worksheet approach - encouraging engagement and enjoyment in the learning process! The best learning resources contain a mixture of different activities that benefit children’s learning styles, which is why our activities include everything your child needs to develop their knowledge, confidence and understanding of KS3 maths topics. Alongside our 10 question activities, we also include KS3 maths assessments, KS3 maths revision and online KS3 maths tests, designed to help prepare children for future tests and real-life applications of their learning.

Popular KS3 maths activities

Activities for all KS3 maths topics


We ensure every one of our activities and worksheets is regularly reviewed and updated by our team of UK teachers to fully align with the KS3 maths UK National Curriculum - helping teachers and parents to rest easy in the knowledge that their students and children are learning everything they need to know! Extensively covering all KS3 maths topics, our resources help your child revise the basics, and approach new topics with confidence. With algebra worksheets, geometry worksheets, fractions worksheets, place value worksheets to name just a few popular KS3 maths topics, you can help your child with KS3 maths revision resources at any point in their journey.

Lesson planning & KS3 maths revision



The versatility of our KS3 maths resources make them an ideal tool for parents, teachers and schools, to support children at different stages of the KS3 maths curriculum. They’re ideal for use both outside of the classroom for topics you want to brush up on, as a revision resource in preparation for KS3 maths tests, or even as the foundations for a lesson plan or homeschooling program. We’re proud to create activities that help children of different ages and abilities succeed and build confidence.


Our accessibility toolbar enables our teacher created worksheets to be tailored to each learner’s preferences. With our KS3 maths worksheets, you can be sure your child will not only learn new topics and concepts, but enjoy doing so! There’s no need to take our word for it; we’re  trusted by 1000s of schools, parents and teachers across the UK to make learning fun and deliver results.

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