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Drugs - Are They All Bad?

In this worksheet, students will be challenged to look more deeply at the issue of drugs and to what extent they may be helpful or harmful.

'Drugs - Are They All Bad?' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Curriculum topic:   Animals, including Humans

Curriculum subtopic:   Healthy Bodies: Lifestyle

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

It's funny how some words can change their meaning over time. 


If you've looked at the activity called "Do diet and exercise matter?" you'll know that 'diet' has two different meanings.  A diet can mean what someone eats i.e. 'their normal diet' or, it can mean that someone is 'on a diet' and reducing the number of calories they eat.   


It's the same with 'drugs'.  We often hear in the news about 'drugs' in the sense of the ones that are illegal and have a very negative impact on people's lives.


drug bottle


So, are all drugs bad? 


As you go through this activity we'll try to answer that question and, hopefully, find out about some beneficial drugs as well as harmful ones.


So, let's see what's good and what's bad.

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