"EdPlace is a brilliant tool to enhance a child's education, regardless of what they do..." - Ami Faber


Ryan's Story

Ryan started skiing when he was 4 and took to it like a duck to water. Aged just 5, he entered his first race, and won his first regional title aged 7! 

When he turned 8, Ryan was invited to train in Austria with Ambition Racing. Of course, he jumped at the opportunity!

Only one question remained; how would he keep on top of his schoolwork whilst slaloming his way down The Alps? Ryan's Mum, Ami and his teachers turned to EdPlace for help. 

Ryan finds many elements of school challenging. Before they found EdPlace, he was on an IEP in Maths and English, and his teachers wanted to be sure that he could keep up with this school work. 

Ami and Ryan used EdPlace to support him outside the classroom in English maths and science, using the progress reports and the parent dashboard to measure his progress along the way. 


"Seeing Ryan succeed and grow in confidence in his abilities is priceless to us. EdPlace has helped Ryan believe in his abilities and rejoin the classroom just like he never left!"


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