Sarah Tribiani's story

Success is, to me, seeing my children become more confident in learning and wanting to learn. Not just in the curriculum but in all areas of life. 

EdPlace has helped us so much with home education, and even though the kids want a break from the curriculum now and then, it's a great source of information which we should struggle without.

Many times I've woken up and found the little ones already logged into EdPlace and starting their studies. 

It's also really awesome for them to reach different levels and feel proud that they have finished a section

They can take their computers wherever there is wifi so it's much easier than carrying around books. The kids often take their laptops round to their nans so they can show her what they've been learning on EdPlace.

I love when they say to me, "I'm really proud of what I've done today, I really feel like I've accomplished something", which is what success is - I then, in turn, feel like I've done a good job too!