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What is probability?

Probability in maths is the area that deals with the chance of something happening.


What words do we use to describe probability?

There are 7 terms we use to describe probability;

Impossible: There is no way this can happen (Example: A man growing to be 200 ft tall)

Very Unlikely: This will probably not happen but could. (Example: Winning the lottery)

Unlikely: This has more chance of not happening than it does of happening (Example: Rolling a six on a dice)

Evens: This has two things that could happen that are equally likely (Example: Tossing a coin and getting a head)

Likley: This has more chance of happening than it does of not happening (Example: Picking a constonantout of the alphabet at random)

Very Likely: This will probably happen but might not. (Example: You using your phone today before you go to bed)

Certain: This has to happen (Example: Rolling a normal dice and getting a number less than 7)


When do I use words to describe probability?

Most probability is described using a number so you should only use words if the question says to.



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