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The following activity is a practice exercise to help you measure your success under timed conditions. 

If you are unsure of an answer move on to the next question.  You should come back to questions you found difficult at the end if you have time.  


You need to use letters from two words to make a new word.

Here are two groups of words. Letters from the two words on the outside of the brackets are used to create the word on the inside of the brackets.

yawn  (awash)  mash     pear ( ____ )  curly

We need to work out how yawn and mash can be joined to make the word awash, and then use this same rule to make a word with pear and curly.

In this case, we take the middle two letters of the first word and the last three letters of the third word.

yawn  (awash)  mash          pear  ( ____ )  curly



So the answer is early!


Now it's time to begin this practice exercise.  Good Luck!


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