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In this worksheet you will look at how to find remainders when you divide.



How many are left when you divide 25 by 4 ?


Answer 1

When we divide 25 by 4, we see how many 4s go into 25.


Write 25 in groups of 4


X X X X  4

X X X X  8

X X X X  12  

X X X X  16  

X X X X  20  

X X X X  24  


That's 24 placed into groups of 4.

And there is one left over to get to 25.


X            25


There is one left over so the remainder is 1


Answer 2

Another way is to use a number line. 


Count up in 4s, until you get to 24.


4    8    12    16    20    24 ...


There is one more to go to get to 25.

The remainder of 1 is shown in blue at the end.

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