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You will complete this activity under timed conditions to assess your progress in this area.

If you are unable to complete any question, move on quickly and come back to this at the end if you have time.  


In these questions, we have been given a grid and we need to work out the missing puzzle piece.

Grids can follow a horizontal pattern which goes across, a vertical pattern which goes up or down, or a diagonal pattern.

To find the missing puzzle piece, we first need to think about what the pattern might be.


Take a look at this example:


Which of the following images would complete this grid?

a)        b)         c)         d) 


The pattern, in this case, is horizontal.

The pattern is that the number of sides of each shape increases by one each time. Also, the centre shape gets slightly larger each time. Therefore the answer is b.

It's time to begin this timed activity.  Good luck!


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