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"Red"       Blood     Violence



In the exam, you will need be able to look at the connotations of words.


A connotation is meaning that is not explicitly stated, but meaning that is implied or suggested.


In the example above, we can see the connotations of the word 'red' in 'Journey's End'. Taking the context of World War I into consideration, the word might make us think of bloodshed, which is suggestive of violence. Here we are exploring the connotations of the word. 


In the exam, you will need to select quotations and analyse what they show. In order to do this you will need to explore the connotations of the words.


Have a go at the following questions, which will help you to think about what quotations suggest about particular characters, themes or ideas in 'Journey's End.'

10 questions
R. C. Sherriff, 'Journey's End'