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A fact: something that is definitely true.

An opinion: something that someone thinks or believes to be true.


Read these statements and decide whether they are fact or opinion.

  • Everyone loves a sunny day.
  • The capital of England is London.
  • You need three people to paint a wall.
  • A & E means Accident and Emergency.


However, sometimes people often have different opinions about the same thing. They are arguing from different sides, with different opinions.


Read these two different statements. One statement is arguing for (supporting) children owning mobile phones.


Children owning mobile phones

"The latest study says there is still no proof

mobile phones are unsafe." 



This statement is arguing against (disagreeing with) the subject.


Children owning mobile phones

"A Dutch study has suggested

mobile phone use can affect the brain."



In this worksheet, you will need to read carefully so you can understand the meaning of the statements: whether they are arguing for or against each subject.

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