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This is a practice 11+ Maths paper in the style of a GL assessment.


This is a multiple choice assessment.

In the 11+, you may complete your answers on a separate piece of paper or on a computer.

At EdPlace, you will select the correct answer from five options on the computer (a,b,c,d,e).


This paper includes a variety of types of maths questions.

At the start of each question, there will be a set of instructions which you will need to apply until further instruction.


You should work as quickly as possible through the questions.

The timer is set for 50 minutes for this practice paper, although you can keep working after the timer has run out.

This means that you should aim for no more than 1 minute per question and hopefully, as you become more confident, less than 1 minute.

You may find some of the questions difficult.

If you are struggling to answer a question do not waste time on it, but move onto the next question.




We have no affiliation to GL Assessments and these questions represent our own unique content developed by EdPlace 11+ authors.

None of the content displayed here has been supplied by GL or any other third party suppliers.