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Well done for deciding to answer some inference questions in preparation for the SATs Reading test!


What is an inference question?

No doubt about it, inference can be quite a tricky area of reading!

Inference questions often begin with words such as: 'how do you know that' 'how can you tell that' 'what evidence is there' 'explain what this description suggests'.


When you answer an inference question, you will need to look for clues to find the answer and then you will need to explain your answer by using the clues and including the word 'because'.

You must think of yourself as a detective, proving what you know!




The key question you must always ask yourself when you answer an inference question do you know?

When you are finding your evidence, make sure you take it straight from the text, don't make it up or guess!

Look out for how many marks are available for the question. If it is 2 marks, give 2 pieces of evidence, if it 3 marks, give 3 pieces of evidence...I'm sure you get the idea!


Due to the nature of inference, for some of these questions, you will need to write your answer in your own words, just as you will in the SATs reading test.

Please, ask your adult helper to mark these questions for you.

Remember to use 'because' to explain your answer!


Over to you now to have a go at some practice questions...good luck!


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