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Dialogue is the word used to describe people talking to each other in stories. Good passages of dialogue make stories more interesting to read.


Look at this conversation between two friends.


'I'm bored,' said Josh. 'Let's go outside.'

'No, I don't want to,' replied Harry. 'It's much too cold. Let's listen to music instead.'

Josh yawned and looked out of the window.

'But I don't like your music,' he grumbled. 'It's really boring. I'd rather play football.'

'I hate football and I'm not going outside!' shouted Harry. 'You go if you want to. Just leave me alone.'

'Fine,' said Jack, stamping out of the room and banging the door.


The boys get angry with each other and the writer of the passage shows this by using words like grumbled and shouted instead of just using said each time. A new line has been used each time there is a new speaker and other information is given to show what the boys are doing while they are talking to each other.


In this worksheet, you can practise writing a passage of dialogue. If you need to revise how to use speech marks you could do the worksheets on speech marks before you do this one.

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