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Year 6 interactive tutorial worksheets in English, maths and science

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Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar TRY WORKSHEET FOR FREE


Assessment: Back-to-school (Y6) PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Combined Assessment

Assessment: English, Maths and Science Combined (Y6) PREVIEW WORKSHEET


2D Shape Visuals

3D Shapes: Drawing Dice Dots on Net Cubes TRY WORKSHEET FOR FREE

Areas of Rectangles, Parallelograms and Triangles TRY WORKSHEET FOR FREE

Calculate Areas: Parallelograms TRY WORKSHEET FOR FREE

2D Shapes

2D and 3D Shapes: Recognising Descriptions TRY WORKSHEET FOR FREE

Addition and Subtraction

Addition: Tricks for Adding Consecutive Numbers TRY WORKSHEET FOR FREE

Calculate Without Using a Calculator TRY WORKSHEET FOR FREE

Estimate the Answer to an Addition by Rounding TRY WORKSHEET FOR FREE


Animals (Adaptation, Classification and Food Chains)

Animal Adaptations to Habitats TRY WORKSHEET FOR FREE

Animals and The Environment

Habitats 2: Who Lives Where? TRY WORKSHEET FOR FREE

What Lives Where and Why? TRY WORKSHEET FOR FREE


End of key stage 2 Science Assessment: Chemistry TRY WORKSHEET FOR FREE

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