Termly Benchmark Assessments

These summative assessments are designed to shed light on students’ progress at the end of each term. Within this test, you’ll find a summary of the skills your student has learnt at school over the previous academic term of their current year, building on skills from the previous term(s) too. We’re here to support students’ academic attainment and develop confidence levels by clearly identifying where improvements can be made. We’re all about helping students work smart! 

After completing the Termly Benchmark summative assessment, we`ll provide you with a free detailed report that shows the National Curriculum skills they have mastered and those who they may need to brush up on. Plus, we’ll also provide your child with free starter activities to help them kick-start their next school term or year. We’re proven to help children succeed  - students who use EdPlace progress 150% over the course of a school year - now that’s genius! Click on a year group below to sign-up for free and get started.