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Develop Skills in Understanding Non-Fiction Texts

In this worksheet, students will develop skills in identifying key information in a non-fiction text and begin to explain the effect of certain vocabulary choices.

'Develop Skills in Understanding Non-Fiction Texts' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Year:  Year 6 English worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Writing: Composition

Curriculum subtopic:   Plan What and Who to Write For

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

Writing a non-fiction text like a letter, a report, or an advert, means that you have to communicate with your audience in a different way to a fiction text, where you can add detail and description to your heart's content!


When you are writing a recount of something, you are reporting something factual that has happened, but, you can still add description and emotion to your writing. 


In this activity, you will look at a recount and identify information within it. You might also begin to see the effect certain words might have on the reader and start to think about how you would create a recount. 


Ready? Have a read of the recount and then let's get started!


a plane


The anticipation buzzed in the air as I boarded the plane, bound for an adventure that promised excitement and novelty. Little did I know that the journey itself would become a tale worth recounting.


The hum of the engines intensified as we taxied down the runway, and the moment we lifted off, the adventure began. I settled into my seat, eager for the journey ahead. As the plane ascended, I marvelled at the patchwork quilt of lights below, gradually fading into the darkness.


About an hour into the flight, the captain's voice crackled over the intercom, announcing unexpected turbulence ahead. The seatbelt sign illuminated, and the cabin crew hurriedly took their seats. The plane jolted, tossing passengers like pieces on a game board. An uneasy murmur swept through the cabin, and nervous laughter filled the air. The roller-coaster like ride persisted, each bump and dip accompanied by gasps from the passengers.


The turbulence eventually subsided, but the sense of adventure lingered. As I peered out of the window, I noticed a breathtaking display of lightning illuminating the clouds. The flashes painted the sky in hues of electric blue, creating a mesmerising spectacle. The storm seemed distant yet powerful, a stark reminder of the forces of nature.


As the night unfolded, the unexpected continued. A fellow passenger, an avid musician, pulled out a guitar from the overhead compartment. Soon, an impromptu jam session unfolded in the aisle, transforming the plane into a makeshift concert venue. Laughter and applause filled the cabin as strangers bonded over music, turning an ordinary journey into a memorable experience.


The hours passed, marked by shared stories, occasional turbulence, and the soothing hum of the plane. The in-flight entertainment offered a welcome distraction, but the camaraderie amongst passengers remained the highlight of the journey.


As the plane descended for landing, I couldn't help but reflect on the unpredictability of the past few hours. What began as a routine flight turned into an eventful adventure, filled with turbulence, lightning storms, and an unexpected concert at 30,000 feet. Little did I know that the journey itself would become a cherished memory, a testament to the unexpected joys of travel.


girl thinking

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