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Percentage Change

In this worksheet, students work out percentage changes.

'Percentage Change' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 3

Curriculum topic:   Number

Curriculum subtopic:   Define, Interpret and Compare Percentages

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

This worksheet is about finding the percentage change.


Example 1

A metal bar increases its length from 2m to 2.01m after heating.

Find the percentage increase in its length.

Actual increase = 2.01 - 2 = 0.01m .

Percentage decrease = (actual increase / original length) x 100 = (0.01/2) x 100 = 0.5%

Example 2

A woman reduced her weight from 80kg to 63kg after dieting.

Find the percentage decrease in her weight.

Actual decrease = 80 - 63 = 17kg.

Percentage decrease = (actual decrease / original weight) x 100 = (17/80) x 100 = 21.25%


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