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Learn About Reflective Materials

In this worksheet, students will recap important vocabulary related to light and reflection, as well as looking at the properties of reflective materials and how they work.

'Learn About Reflective Materials' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Year:  Year 3 Science worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Light

Curriculum subtopic:   Light and Dark

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

Light is the reason that we can see!

Light is a form of energy that travels in a straight line, in waves.


how light travels and we see


Without light, we would have darkness all the time - that doesn't sound like much fun!

Darkness is just an absence of light - sometimes the night sky is completely dark, but when the moon appears, you can see a little more.


Try looking outside tonight - what can you see?


moon and stars image

Humans cannot see very well in the dark because our eyes do not have special cells in them as some nocturnal animals have.


a barn owl


To help us see at night, we use light sources and reflective materials.


Light sources are objects that produce their own light. Can you think of anything that makes its own light?


girl thinking


That's right! The Sun, a lamp or night-light, street lights and stars are all light sources because they make their own light.


sunset over field lamp and armchair


Reflective materials are materials that are smooth, shiny and flat.

A shiny, flat surface is the best for reflecting the light beams or waves that travel in a straight line.


light reflection straight lines


These jackets all belong to emergency service workers - these are people such as police officers, firefighters and paramedics.


safety hi vis jackets


Why do you think they all have reflective strips on their coats?

It's because they need to be seen at night time or in dark places.

Firefighters might go into a building where the lights have gone out. Using their torches (light source) and reflective coats, they can see each other better in the dark, and keep everyone safe.


firefighter walking into fire


Police officers and paramedics often work on the roads and at night time, so wearing these bright coats with reflective materials means the lights from cars on the road makes them extra visible in the dark.


police officer in high vis coat


We need to be able to spot emergency service workers because they are the people who help us if there is a problem.


In this activity, we are going to be practising using our scientific vocabulary and thinking about the uses of reflective materials.

Let's go!


cartoon man on pogo stick

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