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The kids have more freedom learning at their own pace."

Sarah, Bury St Edmonds

The combination learning (subjects with the use of I.T) is brilliant."

Sarah, Bury St Edmonds

EdPlace has made the whole home education experience so much easier for us all."

Sarah, Bury St Edmonds

The worksheets were an excellent tool for the exams. I have recommended the site to my friends."

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I believe your services are excellent and I will certainly be back once the school term resumes."

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Veronica, Private Tutor

EdPlace has been a really useful bank of ideas and resources! Thank you!"

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The site is extremely useful!"

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Just a word to say I could not do without your website!"

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I would like to thank EdPlace for a very educative website for children."

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Thank you - I have found the site very useful for helping my child with her maths."

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I have found this site helpful and have recommended it to some of my friends"

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My daughter has (with your help) gained the Maths & English skills we set out to achieve."

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I would like to say that this website has been a godsend to me over the last few terms."

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I have been exceptionally pleased with your site, and have used many of your resources. Thanks"

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EdPlace is great. Very easy to use. Definitely one of the most user friendly maths websites."

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Your website helped my son David make up on all that lost ground in no time. Thank you."

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Your website has succeeded in making maths fun. My daughter loves the site (and especially the rewar..."

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We were worried when Anna missed school, but your website got her back up to speed really quickly. T..."

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Your website has helped me get an idea of where my son needed to be and put my mind at rest."

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Your website gave me the chance to be with my daughter as she learned. I can't praise you enough."

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My daughter is currently in year six. Your site is easy to use and the work sheets do work!"

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Thank you for your help and a really useful website"

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I found this site useful on School Placement and for my university assignments."

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I had to get my son up to speed on the KS2 basics. Seems to have worked. He's improved greatly."

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This site is invaluable and designed to meet all sats. Thank you my son loves it."

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This site is superb! Thank you. My son absolutely loves the pictures. It makes maths more fun!"

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