One of our customers contacted us asking for some advice.  He wanted to know whether his 5 year old grandchild (in Year 1) should know about right angles. We asked Paul our Maths teacher for his advice.

This is what he came back with:

"Recognising right angles is definitely a Key Stage 1 topic in the National Curriculum.  Whether schools choose to teach it in year 1 or in year 2 is to a large extent their choice, so it may well be that his grandchild has not yet formally covered it, particularly as we are still near the start of this academic year.

Knowing that a right angle has 90 degrees is not really necessary at this stage, but knowing that it looks like a square corner would be the level of language to use.  Children at this stage may also learn about turning through right angles by actually standing up and carrying out right angled turns."

I hope this helps for anyone with the same question. This worksheet will help you test right angles in Year 1.