Homeschooling blogs, advice and communities 

Blogs. It might seem like a bit of a 21st century buzz word. As little as ten years ago the idea that someone might be ‘a blogger’ would have been laughable and yet people can make a living from a successful blog. However, the reasons that home educating parents often choose to blog are not to make their millions or to gain fame and glory, but simply to share their journeys, experiences, successes and trials.

They’re putting themselves out there so that others don’t feel so alone. They’re putting themselves out there to inspire, to support and to encourage! There’s no two ways about it, exploring the world of home education blogs (even if you just limit it to UK-based blogs!) is something of a rabbit hole to fall into, so we don’t suggest you begin your search unless you have a fresh drink by your side and some time to get lost in the musings of others on your hands!

So, if you’re looking for some feels rather than just the facts or want to see the people behind the statistics, then look no further. Here is a list of some (but certainly not all!) of the home education blogs we think you ought to be following. The list is far from comprehensive, is in no particular order and we’ve tried to stick to ones that have been updated recently.

General homeschooling blogs (UK):

Faith-specific homeschooling blogs and communities:

Media publications:

The Guardian Home Education Blog & News

If you’d like to add some more (or your own!) to the list, why not get in touch via our website or Facebook page. You could even check out our post on why and how to start your own homeschooling blog here!