Learning the 7 x table is vital for mathematics.

They may be a chore to learn and practice, but believe us, once learnt, they will stick you for life. Times Tables save you time, energy and give support to all kinds of calculations; they're just as important when your 'adulting' as when you're in school. To help you on your way, Our maths teacher, Alison has let us in on her favourite, simple hacks. Keep reading to master that pesky 7 x table once and for all!


Hack One: 7 x Table for Visual or Kinaesthetic Learners

If you find yourself more of a visual/kinaesthetic learner, it might help to physically make the 7 times table at first. You could use coins, pasta shapes, marbles, matchsticks or cubes, anything that you have a lot of that look the same.

  1. Lay out each entry in multiple rows for example 3 rows of 7 for 3 x 7 then four rows of 7 for 4 x 7, etc.
  2. Think about the idea that 7 x 4 is the same as 4 x 7. Can you see this? Write this on a post-it to match the corresponding counters.
  3. Think about the fact that 28 ÷ 7 = 4 and 28 ÷ 4 = 7. Can they add in these calculations onto their post-it’s too?
  4. Finally, try and write out the four related number sentences for each of the 7 x table?

Once you can understand and picture the 7 times table, match the answers to a 100 square. Can you see any patterns?


Hack Two: 7 x Table Puzzles

For those of you who like puzzles here’s an interesting one:

Snakes and Ladders V’s OXO

  1. Draw a grid-like OXO and insert the numbers:
0 1 2
2 3 4
4 5 6


2. Draw three ladders (like snakes and ladders);


  7   4   1  
  8   5   2  
  9   6   3  


3. Combine the two to get all the numbers from the seven times table.


07 14 21
28 35 42
49 56 63



Hack Three: 7 x Table Tricks and Rhymes

Try and learn this below rhyme by heart. If you can recall it quickly, it will help you out when you're in a pinch.

Three candies each for seven days, that would be fun, 3 x 7 = 21

7 and 4 are running late, 7 x 4 = 28

7 and 5 went for a drive. Who’s in the back seat? It’s 35

I know now and you do too, that 6 x 7 is 42

7 x 7 has four straight lines, which will = 49

56=7 x 8 (5, 6, 7, 8)

9 and 7 climb a tree, 9 x 7 = 63

12 x 7, clean the floor, 12 x 7 = 84


Hack Four: 7 x Table Games

1. This game is great for helping younger students: Bring fingers from behind your back and ask your child to calculate the number x 7.

2. Grab a friend and write the calculations (4x7) and answers (28) for the whole times-table onto cards. Perfect for playing snap or other matching games.

3. Roll two dice and multiply the dice roll by 7.

EdPlace Worksheets and Practice

Times tables can be really fun and once you’ve got to grips with them, you can use your knowledge to do plenty of cool stuff!

However, whilst you’re still learning, it’s always good to practice.

We’ve listed a few of the most relevant here, but if you've exhausted the list (well done you!), have a browse through our website and/or search for ‘multiple’ or ‘times table’. There are plenty of worksheets to choose from!

Year 1 – Practice your addition: adding 7

Year 2 – Multiplying and dividing Order 1

Year 4 – Know your multiplication: multiply by 7

Year 4 – Counting in multiples of 7

Year 5 – Times tables Worksheet 1

Year 5 – Times tables  Worksheet 2

Year 7 – Checking answers using an inverse operation: multiplying and dividing

Year 8 – Divisibility rules: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Year 8 – Practise multiplying positive and negative numbers.

Further Learning

Want to give yourself a challenge? Why not try some of the puzzles and problems set by the NRich team from the University of Cambridge?

Here are a selection of puzzles and problems linked the 7 x table and other tables to really get you thinking!


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