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How to access our learning plans and put them into practice!

We’re glad you’ve found our 6-week learning plans, hopefully, they’ll be useful for you and your child during the latest school closures.

Here’s how to access all of the resources that we’ve created in these plans.


1) Go to https://www.edplace.com/blog/tag/learning_plans

2) Select the relevant school year for your child by clicking on the title, for example, ‘Year 7 Learning Plans’ (this will change to a blue font when you hover over it).

Example Learning Plan Image


3) You will then be redirected to the specific learning plan and will see a page like this:

Learning Plan Blog example


4) Scroll down and you will see a table which shows you an overview of the content available for the 6 weeks. It looks like this:

Learning Plan 6-week breakdown


5) Any of the title topics in the rows from weeks 1-6 will take you through to the relevant activity or lesson article.  (These are all the words that appear underlined in the table).


6) To really tailor the plan to your child’s learning needs we recommend your child begins the plan by completing the relevant National Curriculum-based assessment.  The assessment links will take you straight into your parent account so that you can easily assign these to your child.  Following completion, you will be provided with a report which will highlight areas of strength and weakness and you can use this information to assign activities to your child to help address this need.


7) The lessons on key topics detailed in weeks 2 - 5 work in a similar way.  We have one lesson per subject for each week.  Simply click on the underlined topic title and you will be redirected to our 5 part lesson, written by fully qualified teachers for parents.  


8) We recommend working through the 5 parts together with your child.  When you reach step 5, you’ll be provided with 5 relevant activity links to assign to your child, so that they can independently practise the skills you have just covered together.

Example of the 5 activities


Please know that we are here to support you every step of the way, particularly during these challenging times. 

If you have any questions you can always contact our friendly customer support team at [email protected].  Good luck!