Money, money money... it's everywhere and this means that children are exposed to money and what these little discs or notes represent from a young age.  It's therefore hardly surprising that money is taught in both Key Stage 1 and 2 of the National Curriculum.  Below, we've created some money-related tasks for your key stage 2 child to complete but before they get started, here are our top tips when it comes to talking money with your child.


Teacher Top Tips: How to introduce money into the home

It's really important to talk about money with your children, even if the main focus is for them to understand its worth. Here are some ideas to help you:

- Build your child’s confidence by getting them to buy items at the shops and work out the change. 

- Ask them to read out prices on shelves or in magazines so that they are used to reading money in pounds and pence. 

- Give them pocket money and discuss what they might be saving up for, helping them to work out how long this might take. 

- Ask them to help budget your weekly food shop; they could use an online supermarket website to help with the costs. 

Now, to the task at hand!

Ok, now it's over to your child.  Why not work through the following tasks together to get them thinking about money.  


An unexpected discovery...


Ant and I loved nothing more than an adventure! We pretended to be pirates when we walked along secluded beaches; we were valiant explorers when we trudged through the woods; we were renowned archaeologists when we dug for treasure at the dilapidated mine. 

Today was no different – a new adventure was afoot! The day started off dismally with a drizzly, unapologetic rain which not only dampened our clothing, but our spirits too! The clouds hung miserably in the grey, discoloured sky and the ubiquitous puddles grew in solidarity. We knew from experience not to let the weather deter us so we encouraged each other, gritting our teeth in equal measures of determination and stubbornness. 

We ventured along the gritty path, through the nettle-engulfed thicket and past the abandoned gamekeeper’s shed until we were there. Our favourite place. The place where our best voyages and quests occurred. The quarry. 

As soon as we reached the biggest hole, which we had imaginatively named ‘The Mega Pit’, Ant jumped over the edge, skidding and hollering, laughing and waving. I stood watching with a grin on my face; it didn’t matter that it was raining any more. 

“James! Come here! You’ve got to see this!” Ant shrieked with excitement. 

We had a treasure box in our tree house at home full of our plunder from our multitudinous adventures. I couldn’t wait to see what our newest addition would be. Without a care, I leapt over the edge, skidding to join him. 

“It’s actual treasure, James,” Ant puffed, “an ancient coin!” 

My eyes lit up in disbelief. He was right! It was vaguely round, with a few indents. We frantically rubbed away the lingering dirt which exposed a strange lettering – nothing we’d come across before. “This must be really old, Ant! I’ve never seen writing like this before!” 

“Neither have I,” Ant replied. “What are we going to do with it?”


Task 1 - Questions

  1. What did Ant and James pretend to be when they were at the mine?

  2. Why did they call it ‘The Mega Pit’?

  3. What word tells us they had many adventures?

  4. Where did they pretend to be valiant explorers?

  5. What did they keep in the tree house?

  6. Which two adjectives are used to describe the rain?

  7. What does ‘nettle-engulfed’ tell us about the thicket?

  8. What is Ant and James’ relationship?


Task 2 - Fascinating Financial Facts



1) Which word in the text is a synonym for beginning?

2) What is a Titan?

3) What is the name of the currency used in Poland?

4) Which subheading includes alliteration?

5) How many different currencies are there across the world?

6) What did people do before money was used as currency?

7) Why is it strange that the paper and metal used for coins and paper isn’t worth much?

8) What does barter mean?


If you've enjoyed getting your head around these money matters, why not try these other EdPlace activities to put your understanding to the test?

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Task 1 

1) Archaeologists

2) Because it was the biggest hole

3) Multitudinous

4) The woods

5) A treasure box

6) Unapologetic and drizzly

7) There were nettles everywhere

8) They are probably brothers because it talks about their tree house at home.

Task 2

1) Commencement

2) A £1 million dollar note

3) Polish zloty

4) The Commencement of Currency

5) Approximately 180

6) They traded goods

7) Because it can be used to buy expensive goods

8) To exchange without using money