Creating a ‘whole person’ learning opportunity for real-life education in school, at home or on the move...


EdPlace is a customisable, curriculum-aligned education platform with additional SEND and Homeschool options. Access to thousands of interactive online worksheets, assessments and revision materials in English, maths and science from year 1 to GCSE. Children who use EdPlace over the course of an academic school year progress by over 150%!

EdPlace is the first and only online education content provider to offer additional SEND accessibility features across all resources, and a specialist Homeschooling hub too! We’re here to help you, help each child succeed.

EdPlace recognises that to make a totally accessible and inclusive education, you must build key skills to promote learning courage! We understand that confidence and resilience are imperative for progression in both formal and informal education. To widen our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities offering, and to help our community access a whole-person approach to learning, Skillsbuilder and EdPlace are working collaboratively to ensure that studying and skills go hand in hand. Our partnership allows our respective specialisms go that one step further than most, to create a truly bespoke education that enhances natural abilities and challenges areas of difficulty, no matter which educational path you choose!  EdPlace and Skillsbuilder offer a solid personalised education and a developed skill set, to create well-rounded and happy young people.

Together - we’ve got it covered!


Confidence and curriculum

They go hand in hand!

Having the courage and resilience to attempt new topics taking on challenges, requires subject confidence and an individual learning experience.

Study skills

The ability to study productively and efficiently requires skills such as problem solving and listening, alongside an organised and differentiated learning programme.

Independent Learning

Being able to learn independently will set you free!

Self-motivation and awareness of your strengths enables you to access targeted learning content to help you achieve your education goals.


Focussing on personal development through education and beyond, ensuring a bespoke learning opportunity and individual experience, tailored to you.


EdPlace and Skills Builder complementing each other to offer a complete package

It used to be one or the other, but actually, you need both to succeed - a solid personalised education and a developed skill set, to create well rounded employable young adults.

EdPlace offers a personalised online education that is engaging, challenging and fun. Creating a positive learning experience in English, maths and science for children Key stage 1 to GCSE.  

Skills Builder provides an essential skills programme to promote key ideas required for every day progress and attainment. Enhancing natural abilities and developing areas of challenge in skills sets.


Skills Builder

Curriculum aligned

KS1 - GCSE English, maths and science content


The ability to listen and understand information.

SEND accessibility

Bespoke learning preferences such as interchangeable fonts,

colours and reading features


The oral transmission of information or ideas.

Measurable results

Visual and scalable progress scores and personalised rewards

Problem solving

The ability to find a solution to a complex situation or challenge

Effective education

153% attainment and progress in a year


The use of imagination and the generation of new ideas

Personalised learning

Differentiated and targeted tasks suited to the individual

Staying positive

The ability to use tactics to overcome setbacks

Choice and fluidity

Continuous access to education from anywhere at anytime to suit

Aiming high

The ability to set clear, tangible goals

Fun, engaging  and interactive

Visual, achievable and participation tasks


Supporting, encouraging and motivating others

Informative and helpful

Blog, SEND and homeschool hubs


Working cooperatively with others


Personalised - Differentiated - Targeted - Measurable - Achievable