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Mr Julian, Science teacher



Having trouble getting those pesky body organs and functions sorted? Draw an outline of your body.  Now write in words where the major stuff should be: lungs/ brain/kidneys/etc. Now draw a line to each one and write what it does.  Sorted!

You need to know all those electric circuit diagrams (bulb, switch and so on). Draw up a 2-column table: put SYMBOL at the top on the left and MEANING at the top on the right.  Copy them all on to your table.  Now take a fresh piece of paper, cover up the symbols and write down what they mean.  Now cover up the meaning and draw the symbols.  Finally, mix it up a bit – do every other one from the bottom up (to stop you getting used to the order they’re in).  Electrifying!

Struggling to remember those backboned (vertebrates) and non-backboned (invertebrates) animals? Draw them as a family tree: put VERTEBRATES at the top – then draw lines to the five groups and say WHY they’re different to each other.  Try the same for the invertebrates too – especially the arthropods (that’s insects and their relatives).

A food chart is a really good way of getting the important aspects of nutrition sorted: draw a three column table. Put FOOD GROUP on the left (Carbohydrates/Fats/ Proteins/etc.), head the middle one WHY? and the last one WHAT?  In Why? find out why we need that food group in our diet and in What? try to find three different foods you’d eat that contain that food group. Lovely!

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