OK, so summer is here – yay!  What’s been the best sciency thing you’ve done this year?  Has there been a worst??  Whatever, science is everywhere, it’s all around you and especially in the things you love the most (yes, really!),

so it’s mega-important that you get all those foundation things really well sorted, yeah?  So this blog is here to help you focus on some of the areas you found tough, to help you get those foundations more solid before you move up a year next term. That will help turn scary topics into ones you enjoy and are confident about.  So we’re going to list some worksheets to help you brush up bits you find scary and then we’ve also got some fun stuff to really float your sciency boat and get you out, thinking about and playing with science. Sound good? Let’s get cracking!

OK, so here are some of the typical areas that kids often struggle with – to be honest, there’s nothing really difficult there but often some stuff needs a little more time and a bit more working at before you ‘get’ it – right?

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 11.27.21.png

One vital thing you must never forget: Science is Fun Fun Fun!!! It makes you smile, laugh, go “wow!” and here’s a selection of stuff you have just got to check out!

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 11.15.23.png

    • Flowers and Seeds can be really tricky – just how do flowers make the seeds and how (and why) do seeds get spread around everywhere?
    • Rocks are out there, all around, but often they’re something that sort of ignore, so if you find this stony ground (sorry!), then check out a worksheet.
    • Plants and Animals – we share our planet with them, but sorting them out can be a nightmare! Well, these worksheets can really help you make some sense and order of that, so get sorting!
    • Liquids and Gases: Here’s another tricky one – the stuff around us can usually be sorted into solids, liquids and gases and each of those can change into a different form – sometimes this is a tough area to get sorted in your head, so if you get jelly legs with this one, try out the worksheets.160713_EM_IceCreamDay
    • Mixtures: You’ve dropped your ice cream onto the beach – it’s all covered in sand! How are you going to separate them?
    • Air Resistance: Why does your fidget spinner slow down? Why does your paper plane not fly forever? If the ideas behind friction and air resistance are something that really slows you down, then whizz over some worksheets and see the light!


Key Stage 1 Science Activities

Key Stage 2 Science Activities

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Written by Mr Berkeley, our science teacher. Mr Berkeley's summer learning top tip is:
"Science is all around you so make it come to life.  See if you can find out WHY stuff happens and then tell your family all about it"