EdPlace's Top 10 Educational Kids Shows on UK Netflix

Ah, the 'Netflix babysitter' - Praise be! Technological distractions are sometimes a much-needed godsend. Ever tried to get 3 different dinners ready with 5 kids around your ankles/constantly asking you questions? Neither have we...but I bet it happens! Here are our top 10 Netflix picks for kids of all ages, from the educational to the inspirational; let's keep them learning even when they don't realise its happening!

Sid the Science Kid (4+)

Classic learning made fun. Sid the Science kid is definitely aimed at younger learners, but still great fun all the same. One of those ‘they aren’t aware they’re actually learning' shows.

Make it even more topical by tying in our EdPlace Science worksheets to your favourite episodes.


Hi-5 House (4+)

All the bright colours, all the quirky characters and all the songs. Hi-5 house is a great educational distraction when you just need them to settle down (read: out of your hair) for 30 minutes to an hour. Tea anyone?


Odd Squad (5+)

When something unusual happens in town, folks call on ODD SQUAD to solve the problem and save the day. With agents Olive and Otto on the case, no mystery is too big! Each episode sees two kids confronted with a problem that can only be solved by relating numbers through addition, subtraction, fact families, and other grade-school math skills. ODD SQUAD is a great show that encourages kids to stay engaged and hypothesise with the on-show team.

Your kids can practise some of the maths concepts mentioned on the show whilst they're still fresh in their mind. Explore our Maths worksheets to find out more!


Baby Animals in the Wild (5+)

You might be more inclined to watch this one with your kids rather than have it on as a distraction; who can resist the pull of baby animals?! Humorously narrated, each episode showcases different habitats and follows an array of the world’s newest residents on a day in their life.


Brain Games (7+)

Don’t let the reviews on Netflix put you off. Yes, the concepts explored are simple, but in our opinion, that’s what makes it perfect for younger learners. This interactive series uses games, illusions and experiments to illustrate how our brains manufacture our reality and often play tricks on us.


Blue Planet. (7+)

The first series of The Blue Planet arrived with a Splash in 2001; reviving the eternal inner struggle of who to root for: Polar Bear or Seal?! The second season is currently making waves (sorry) over on the BBC, so now’s the perfect time to see how our knowledge has changed over time.


The Gabby Douglas Story (7+)

Perfect for any budding sports stars. Gabby’s story (made into a movie) is as enthralling as it is inspirational; a great representation of what exceptional drive and hard-work can achieve.


Planet Earth (7+)

Once they’re hooked on Blue Planet, Planet Earth is the next logical step in their David Attenborough fuelled journey. Equally as ‘edutaining’ as the former, this show doesn’t need much justification. It’s great. It’s informative. And kids will love it.


Walking With Dinosaurs (7+)

Truly immersive and immensely educational (without feeling like it!). Whilst the original Walking With Dinosaurs may seem as old as the Jurassic period to kids themselves, it continues to remain a firm favourite.


CodeGirl (10+)

Join high school-aged girls from around the world as they try to better their community through technology and collaboration. Inspiring and uplifting, CODEGIRL’S aim is to encourage more children, whether that be girls or boys, to get into coding.



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