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Funding and costs

As much as we might hate to think that money makes the world go round, when you consider whether to embark on your homeschooling journey you must take the financial implications of potential homeschooling, costs and grants into account (pun not intended!).

While the costs of homeschooling in the UK are generally low, you will be responsible for providing all the required resources and you will also need to pay for your child’s examinations as a private candidate when they reach GCSE age - there aren’t any grants for homeschooling UK children on a day-to-day basis, so it’s important to work out any associated costs. As a very rough guide GCSEs can cost anywhere around the region of £30 to £50 and a typical student might take anywhere between 6 and 12 exams.

There is currently no homeschool funding available for home educators on a day to day basis. Homeschooling costs of day-to-day home teaching aren’t astronomical, but given there will be no financial support in this area, it is definitely worth considering how you will fund your child’s education before you embark on a homeschooling programme.

Does homeschooling affect child benefit?

Homeschooling does not affect your right to claim child benefit. Child Benefit is payable for all children in full-time education up to the age of 20, whether they attend school, college or are educated otherwise as long as the education is not above Level 3. Level 3 includes A levels, some BTECs and a few other qualifications. HMRC accepts home education for child benefit purposes.

Does homeschooling affect Universal credit?

Although there’s no specific homeschool funding, parents who homeschool are treated in the same way as other parents when it comes to Universal Credit. If you’re a single parent or the lead carer in a couple, your responsibilities will change as your youngest child gets older and will be tailored to your personal circumstances. The Jobcentre cannot suggest school as appropriate child care to a home educating parent claiming job seekers allowance when offered a job. There are flexibilities within Universal Credit to cater for the needs and personal circumstances of parents whilst they are looking for paid work, including those who wish to educate their children at home.

For more information about Universal Credit head here:

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