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Science worksheets

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Science worksheets are a popular resource for parents Nationwide who are looking for extra support for their children.  Our wide range of science worksheets are the perfect way to give your child a helping hand with learning the science curriculum. With science activities, practice science questions, practice papers and science assessments that span the full breadth of the National Curriculum and GCSE specifications, we can help children with KS1 science worksheets, KS2 science worksheets, KS3 science worksheets and GCSE science worksheets.

Science worksheets by year group

How can science worksheets help?



Designed to work in conjunction with traditional school work or as a homeschooling resource for parents, our science worksheets help children learn and revise science topics in an enjoyable way. Our interactive learning platform supports your child in understanding scientific topics and subjects with our biology worksheets, physics worksheets, chemistry worksheets and other science resources.


We’re proud to create primary and secondary science resources and science activities that are inclusive and leave your child feeling confident and prepared to tackle every topic in the science curriculum! Our team of qualified teachers use a variety of different techniques to make sure our science worksheets are fun and appealing to complete; with diagrams, images and helpful explanations. Understanding science experiments and breaking down new ideas has never been easier!

Popular science activities

Activities for all science topics



Our science worksheets are aligned to the UK National Curriculum and GCSE exam boards, making sure your child covers all of the science topics they need to consolidate and develop their understanding. As well as our offering of science activities by year group, you can also browse our range of science worksheets by topic, allowing your child to learn or revise specific aspects of the science curriculum. With electricity worksheets, human body worksheets, space worksheets and many more, your child can easily focus their learning based on their needs, whether that’s revising a topic or learning a new content.


Created by our team of qualified teachers, every one of our science worksheets and science tests are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they’re aligned to the UK National Curriculum and relevant GCSE examination boards to cover the breadth and depth of every science topic! Whether you’re looking for activities to help develop the fundamentals with year 1 science worksheets and year 2 science worksheets, aiming to consolidate understanding with  year 8 science worksheets and year 9 science worksheets, or are looking for specific GCSE revision, our science resources are the ideal learning aid for all ages. Our interactive online science worksheets are designed to make new topics fun and engaging, with science revision tasks included to take the stress out of preparing for termly or yearly science assessments.

Science worksheets by key stage

Lesson planning & science revision 



However your child likes to learn, we have the science resources to match! As well as our interactive online learning experience we also offer a wide range of practice science tests and science questions with answers which help gauge your child’s progress. We pride ourselves on creating science resources that can be used by all sectors of the education system, with thousands of parents, schools and tutors using our science activities with students around the UK. It’s time to get lesson planning!


The ideal resource for SATs revision and GCSE revision and those years in between, our science worksheets offer students the perfect opportunity to improve their level of understanding, all while tracking the progress made along the way!

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