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Adding suffix -ation 3

In this worksheet, students will add the suffix-ation onto existing root words, seeing how the meaning changes.

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'Adding suffix -ation 3' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Year:  Year 4 11+ worksheets

Curriculum topic:   English

Curriculum subtopic:   Spelling: Prefixes & Suffixes

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

A suffix is a letter or group of letters that can be added to the end of a root word. When you add the suffix, you make a new word. This new word has a related but different meaning. This worksheet is about the suffix -ation.

For example:

You inspire me.

You have given me inspiration.

Adding the suffix -ation changes a verb to a noun, and this new word tells us about an action, process or result.



There are spelling rules you have to follow when you add -ation:


1. Rule for root words ending in -ate.


to vacate


We have a vacation.

take off -ate


add on -ation



2. Rule for root words ending in -y.


to magnify


Magnification makes the picture bigger.

 the -y ending becomes -ic


add on -ation


3. Rule for root words ending in -re, -ve, or -se.


to respire (to breathe)


Plants use their leaves for respiration.

take of -e


add on -ation



4. Rule for most other root word endings, just add -ation on the end of the word. 


Watch out, there are always words that don't match the spelling rules!

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