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Partial Word Practice 3

In this practice exercise, students will work out the missing letters of a word. They will use the context of the given sentence to help them. It will develop students’ comprehension, spelling and problem-solving skills, under timed conditions.

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'Partial Word Practice 3' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Year:  Year 5 11+ worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Exam-Style Questions: Verbal Reasoning

Curriculum subtopic:   Exam-Style Questions: Partial Word

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

The following activity is a practice exercise to help you measure your success under timed conditions. 

If you are unsure of an answer move on to the next question. 

You should come back to questions you found difficult at the end if you have time. 



The thief has stolen four letters from a word but they have left a clue behind to help us figure out what the word is.


The four letters make a real word themselves.


The clue is a synonym, which is a word with a very similar meaning.


Let’s have a look at the partial word:


Synonym Partial Word
 Investigate  EXA


The word has had four of its letters removed.


What could these letters be and where have they been removed from?



The stolen letters make the word MINE and the word is EXAMINE.




Now it’s time to begin this practice exercise. 

Good luck!

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