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Expand Your Understanding of Root Words

In this worksheet, students will use their knowledge of root words to choose the correct word to complete sentences.

'Expand Your Understanding of Root Words' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Year:  Year 3 English worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Reading: Word Reading

Curriculum subtopic:   Root Word Awareness

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

Root words are words that do not have a prefix (letters which can be added to the beginning of a word) or a suffix (letters which can be added to the end of a word). They are words in their simplest form. 


For example: joyfriend and play are all root words. 


friends hugging


We can add prefixes or suffixes to root words to change the meaning of words and create 'word families'. 'Word families' are words which all have the same root word.


 The root word joy can change to become joyful, enjoy and enjoyable.


The root word friend can change to become friendly, befriend and friendship.


The root word play can change to become playful, replay and player. 


Can you think of any other words in the word families? 




Let's make a start on the questions now.

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