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Understand the Effect of Language in a Non-Fiction Text

In this worksheet, students will develop their understanding of meaning and effect in a non-fiction text.

'Understand the Effect of Language in a Non-Fiction Text' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Year:  Year 6 English worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Writing: Composition

Curriculum subtopic:   Assess Effect and Meaning

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

Writing a non-fiction text like a letter, a report, or an advert....means you have to communicate with your audience in a different way to a fiction text, where you can add detail and description to your heart's content!


If you are writing a newspaper report, you need to focus on the 5 Ws - what, when, where, why, who


In this activity, you will look at a newspaper report and identify this information within it. You might also begin to see the effect certain words might have on the reader. 


Ready? Have a read of the report and then let's get started!




Mysterious Disappearance of Farm Animals Leaves Village in Shock

In a bizarre and unsettling turn of events, several farm animals have gone missing overnight in the close-knit community of Kinlet. The mysterious disappearance has left farmers and villagers puzzled and concerned, raising questions about the safety and security of the rural community.


Local authorities were alerted to the situation early Wednesday morning, when farmers discovered the absence of their livestock. Chickens, goats, and even a few cows were reported missing from various farms across the village. The sheer scale of the disappearances has sparked fears amongst residents, who are now seeking answers to the unusual and seemingly coordinated incidents.


One distraught farmer, Terence Peters, recounted the shock of discovering his entire flock of chickens missing. "I went to the coop in the morning, and they were just gone. No signs of a struggle or forced entry. It's as if they vanished into thin air," he said, clearly upset by the loss.


Local authorities have launched an investigation into the matter, and officers are currently examining the affected farms for any clues or evidence that might shed light on the mysterious disappearances. The police spokesperson, Andrea Plotsky stated, "We are taking this matter seriously and are committed to finding out what happened to the missing animals. We urge residents to report any suspicious activities or hand over any doorbell camera footage."


Villagers are expressing concern about the potential involvement of thieves or an organised criminal group, while others entertain the notion of more supernatural explanations. Meetings have been scheduled to address the concerns of the community and keep residents informed about the progress of the investigation. Local farmers are also discussing ways to enhance security measures to protect their remaining livestock.


As the village awaits answers, the disappearance of these farm animals remains a perplexing and unsettling mystery. The community is left grappling with uncertainty and fear, hoping for a swift resolution to the puzzle that has disrupted their tranquil way of life.

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