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Compare the Language in 'Storm on the Island' with Other Poems

In this worksheet, students will compare the language in 'Storm on the Island' with other poems.

'Compare the Language in 'Storm on the Island' with Other Poems' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 4

Year:  GCSE

GCSE Subjects:   English Literature

GCSE Boards:   AQA

Curriculum topic:   Poetry

Curriculum subtopic:   Power and Conflict: 'Storm on the Island'

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

Have you ever had a windy walk to school, the shops or even to a mate's house?

Have you ever spent ages getting ready, only to be blown to bits by the wind the minute you step out of the door? 

Well, that's nothing compared to the windy day that the islanders in this poem experience!


Can you now grab your Power and Conflict anthology to help you, and a pen and paper to make notes?


We're going to compare language in the poem 'Storm on the Island' and think about:


Themes and ideas


Language features  


So, when you're ready - let's make a start!

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