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Reading Non-Fiction: Chilean Miner Rescue

Worksheet Overview

In an English exam, you will usually read a news article.

In this activity, we're going to look at an article and then analyse its contents (we're going to dissect why the author chose the language they did in the piece).

Read the article below until you feel that you have fully understood it. The article is about an event.


While you are reading think about the following pieces of information about the event:


What happened?

Where did it happen?

Who is involved?

Why did it happen?

What did people think about it?

What is the author's attitude to the topic?

How does the image link to the text?


Rescue drill finally reaches trapped Chilean miners' refuge


Onlookers celebrations as drill reaches miners

The underground pocket where 33 trapped Chilean miners have been stranded for three months has finally been reached by a drill boring a rescue shaft.

65 days after the partial collapse of the gold and copper San Jose mine, this major breakthrough in the lengthy rescue attempt was achieved just after 8 a.m. Chilean time.

"It's an important moment," mining minister Laurence Golborne said. "We must remember that we still haven't rescued them yet. We can't fully celebrate until the last miner reaches the surface".


The shelter the miners have been living in is 700m under the ground. The drill has broken through into a nearby tunnel that the miners can access.

Miners' relatives camped outside are celebrating after hearing news of the drill's success.


"We are much less worried now," said Joachim Sanchez, whose father Juan is trapped below. "Now we can be cheerful."


Minister Golborne has advised that the rescue effort cannot begin until three to eight days' time. The remote landscape has been turned into a woodland of TV antennae and mobile homes as international interest in the rescue drama continues to explode. The miners' families are concerned that they will be engulfed in a media frenzy once they have escaped from their underground cell.

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