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Writing to Describe: A Street Scene

In this worksheet, students revise some of the features of descriptive writing then plan and write a description of a street under exam conditions.

Worksheet Overview

Descriptive writing is a key skill needed for GCSE English Language.  It's all about using words in the best arrangement to create vivid images in a reader's mind. 


There are lots of techniques that we can use to help elevate our writing so that the words seem to jump off a page and take on a life of their own!



In this activity, we'll get to grips with the skills we need for developing our descriptive writing. We'll revise the features of descriptive writing and then plan and write an extended piece.


We're going to produce a piece of writing that describes a street. You can decide whether it is a busy street in the daytime or an empty street at night.



Here are some images below that may help you to imagine what the street looks like.




                  Dark alleyway with stone walls                  Busy street with crowds of people walking




                  Foggy road at night with cars parked at the side                    Outside an office building with people wearing suits






Want a bit more help with this before you begin? Why not watch this short video?



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