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Practise Finding a Quarter of a Shape, Quantity or Length

In this worksheet, students will need to find a quarter in a variety of ways - a quarter of a shape, a length, and an amount.

'Practise Finding a Quarter of a Shape, Quantity or Length' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 1

Year:  Year 1 Maths worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Number: Fractions

Curriculum subtopic:   Recognise Halves and Quarters

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

In this activity, we will be solving different problems for finding a quarter. 

Below are examples to show all the types of questions that may come up. 


1. Finding a quarter of a shape 

Here we have a selection of shapes. Which of the shapes have been split into quarters?


 shapes split into parts 


To answer this, we must remember what it means to make quarters. 


Splitting something into quarters is when something is shared into four equal parts. To find which shapes have been split into quarters we need to look for which shapes have been split into four parts that are exactly the same size. To be equal they must be exactly the same. 


Let's look at each shape:


A - Let's start by counting how many parts there are - there are four, are they all the same size? Yes they are, they are equal so this square has been split into quarters. 

B - This circle is the same. It has been split into four parts which are all the same size, so it has been split into quarters. 

C - This rectangle has been split into equal parts but into three parts, not four! So this has not been split into quarters. 

D - This pentagon has been split into four parts but they are two different sizes so it is not quartered. 

E - This is a funny one, isn't it? If we count the parts we can see there are four parts, and yes they are equal - they are all triangles of the same size, so yes, this is split into quarters. 


2. Finding a quarter of a quantity

Here we have 12 penguins. What is one quarter of 12 penguins?


 12 penguins 


We know that to find one quarter we have to share the objects into four equal groups, so let's split these penguins into four equal groups!


Now, you cannot move these penguins on the screen so grab a piece of paper and draw them!

First, draw out 12 penguins, we can just use dots to represent the penguins, like this:


 12 dots 

Now draw four circles to share the penguins into and start sharing them out between four groups, crossing off the dots as you go:


 4 dots crossed off out of 12

 4 dots in 4 circles 


Continue doing this until all 12 dots have been crossed off and shared equally between the circles:

 12 dots in 4 circles  

To check they have been shared equally, we need to count how many are in each circle.

There are three in each circle. 

As this is the same number we know that they have been shared out equally. 

So one quarter will be what is in one of the circles. 

This means that a quarter of 12 penguins is three.  


3. Finding a quarter of a length

This piece of string has been cut into parts and laid out: 


 4 pieces of string 

It has been split into quarters. 

Is this true or false?

Let's have a look. 


In order to be in quarters it must be split into four pieces and all four pieces must be the same size. 

If we count, there are four pieces of string here and they are exactly the same size. 

So, yes, it is true, this string has been cut into quarters! 


Are you ready to have a go at the questions now?


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