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Practise Division Using Grouping and Arrays

In this worksheet, students will use pictures and arrays to understand division by grouping

'Practise Division Using Grouping and Arrays' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 1

Year:  Year 1 Maths worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Number: Multiplication and Division

Curriculum subtopic:   Solve Multiplication/Division Problems

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

In this activity, we will be looking at division by sharing equally using pictures and arrays. 

We will be counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. 


When we share equally, it means that every group must have exactly the same number.

We use this sign ÷ to show when we have shared equally. 

We can think of the division sign as meaning 'shared by'. 


 frogs on a lily pad frogs on a lily pad 


Above, we have 2 groups of 10 frogs. Let's look at the division number sentence. 


The first number will be the total number of frogs. 

We have started with 20 frogs altogether and shared them into equal groups of 10. This is 20 shared by 10: 

20  ÷ 10 = 


To find the answer, we just need to work out how many equal groups of 10 were made. There are 2, so we write:

20  ÷ 10 = 2 


We can also use arrays to help us work out division number sentences. Let's have a look at how this array can help us.


 array of hippos 


To write a division number sentence for this array, we start with the total number of hippos, which is 15. 

We then use our division sign: 15 ÷  


How many hippos are in each row? There are 5. This means the hippos have been grouped into 5s. 

The 15 hippos have been shared into groups of 5:

15 ÷  5 = 


All we need to do now is work out the answer! Once the hippos have been grouped into groups of 5, how many groups have been made?

We can count down the rows of 5. There are 3 rows, which means that 15 shared into equal groups of 5 equals 3:

15 ÷ 5 = 3 


Ok, are you ready to have a go at some division questions? 


a hippo's mouth

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