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Find the Missing Number Using Addition or Subtraction

In this worksheet, students will explore the relationship between addition and subtraction to help them find the missing number.

Worksheet Overview


In this activity, we will be finding the missing number in an addition.



What must I add to 24 to make 29?

24   +   ?   =   29



Place your finger on 29 and bounce it back, to the left,  one number at a time, until you reach 25. How many bounces did you do? It was 5 bounces, so we know that 29 − 24 = 5


We could also count forwards, instead of back, if we wanted. Pop your finger on 24 and bounce it to the right, one number at a time, until you reach 29. How many bounces did you do? It was 5 again.

So, 24 + = 29


There is often more than one way to solve a problem in maths. Why not try both methods and see which one works best for you?


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