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Investigate Variation

In this worksheet, students will be helped to explore different characteristics of human beings - in other words to see the extent to which we vary from each other.

'Investigate Variation' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Year:  Year 6 Science worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Evolution and Inheritance

Curriculum subtopic:   Offspring and Variation

Popular topics:   Biology worksheets, Biology old worksheets

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

Variation is how similar or different living things are from each other.


For example, in a class of students, some may be tall or short and have different coloured eyes, skin, hair.




These are generally inherited characteristics (unless you've been having fun with hair dyes!), while other variations are the cause of your environment, for example, your skin colour might be inherited or it might be temporarily different as you've just returned from a holiday in Spain!


sunbathing girl


This activity looks at different aspects of variation and how we might be able to measure them to see how they vary within a group of people.


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