These gifts are perfect for all learners, but they're especially suitable for children with additional needs such as Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), ADHD/ADD, Anxiety, Global delay, visual impairment or Autism (ASD).


1. LED Light Up Drawing Board - £30

Children with diagnosis’ such as Irlens Syndrome, Dyslexia or or any other visual impairment will enjoy this gift. Black text on a white background is often the most difficult to read, so this drawing board is perfect for differentiating colour.


2. Squishy - £3+

For those children that crave deep pressure due to SPD or, for young people that prefer to keep their hands busy when listening due to ADHD or other differences, these squishies are a popular choice.


3. Liquid motion timer - £8

Watching the bubbles drip and float is very peaceful and therapeutic. It can have a calming effect on young people with SPD, Anxiety based disorders  or ASD. This can also be used as a visual timer for a child with a learning difficulty that struggles to keep track time or read a clock.


4. Fidget pencil toppers - £3

A child that requires a fidget toy to help with concentration can use this discreet fiddle pencil topper to satisfy the requirement for sensory input.


5. 3D Arm ring - £8

Any child regardless if they have an additional need or not, will be mesmerised by the spinning and fluidity of this product. It is simple to use and lightweight so it is perfect for a child with sensory needs, visual impairment, anxiety or concentration difficulties


6. Blue Star Night Light Projector - £12

This helps as a sleeping aid for children who may take some time to settle at  night. The calming stars are projected on the ceiling, creating a warm glow which isn’t too bright for sensitive eyes. Ideal for anxious children or ones that are diagnosed with ASD or visual or hearing impairment.