Here at EdPlace, we believe that the festive period is an excellent time to incorporate learning into having fun.

Our Maths teacher has created some ChristMATHS worksheets, which combine your favourite festive folk with fun Maths quizzes and activities. For example, why not use our “Make a Star” worksheet to create some star decorations to add to your tree? Or ask your children to help you make a Christmas cake, where they must work out the quantities for double or triple the amount of cake!  We’ve also created a worksheet based on the Twelve Days of Christmas, which will test your children on their counting and word problem solving abilities.

There are plenty of things that you can do with your children to help make the Christmas period a more educational and engaging time, so why not have a look at our Festive Fun worksheets and click on the underlined links above each one to download them:


1. Try this easy one to begin with - challenge your little ones with a quiz on Santa and his "Mathemagical" Reindeer. There is also a quiz based on the Twelve Days of Christmas song, so why not have a sing-a-long as well!

Mathemagical Reindeer and the 12 days of Christmas


2. This one is a bit more difficult - our Christmaths Quizzes. Ask your children to solve these scenarios involving Santa, Rudolf and all of their favourite festive folk - as well as working out the answers to word problems and counting questions.

ChristMATHS Quizzes


3. Take a look at these slightly trickier ones for your older children. They must work out the Christmas Tree Number Puzzle and a "Solve the Clues" problem. There's also an arts and crafts activity here, so why not sit down with your children and have a competition to see who can make the best star to go on the tree?

Tricky Puzzles and Dazzling Star Activity



Psst...Here are the answers!