EdPlace has joined the World Health Day campaign which is a global health awareness day, celebrated on 7th April. This year's goal is to increase awareness about the rise in diabetes. Our educational campaign helps parents and their children understand the importance of eating a healthy diet as it can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Food - nice or nasty?
Well, it can be both - but do we need it?
Of course!
What for?
Oh, lots of things: running around, growing, being healthy....
What sorts of foods are best?

Eddie's Advice

You don't want to being eating foods with too much fat and sugar in, but today so many of our favourite foods, especially ones that are ready-to-eat, are packed with the stuff, so they're hard to avoid. It's good to have small amounts of fat and sugar, but you need fruit and vegetables every day. They contain lots of good vitamins and minerals as well as fibre.


We need something like 5 cupfuls of fruit and vegetables every day! They contain so many good things for your body. So find fresh fruits and vegetables you really like and get stuck in!


Learn more about the healthy meal choices - browse our World Health Day resources here.