Thanks to our brilliant parents and their brilliant ideas, we've created some fun and fantastic certificates for you to use at home.

Alongside our badges and rewards, here's a great way to showcase your child's achievements - print, share, save, send and hang up on your refrigerator!

Keep your child motivated with a bit of encouragement and recognition. It's a great way to keep them engaged in their learning!

We've created four variations of the certificate for you. One for general achievements and rewards (the green one), one for English (the orange one), another for Maths (the red one) and last but not least a blue one for Science! To print these out, all you need it to right click and press "Save Image". This will download the image to your device, allowing you to access and print the certificates whenever you'd like - perfect! 


English certificate

Maths certificate

Science certificate

If you have a genius idea (or two!) to help support your child's learning - be sure to email us your ideas at [email protected].

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