EdPlace is dedicated to helping tuition centres and their students succeed across the UK. Here's a short story with a video from our partner, Learning Academies. Watch and learn how they use EdPlace in their tuition sessions to teach and motivate their students.

About Learning Academies - "High quality, individualised, small group tuition."

Learning Academies inspires children and young people to love learning. They provide high quality, affordable, small group tuition in English and maths for children and young people. They currently deliver two core programmes:

  • i-Achieve - small group tuition for children and young people aged 5-18.
  • Little Learners - Hands on, fun, practical learning sessions for pre-schoolers.

"Embracing new technologies to raise attainment."


At each i-Achieve session Learning Academies makes excellent use of new education technologies - with each child having access to their own i-Pad. These are used at the start of each session during which time students access their own unique learning platform. The work set is specifically chosen to challenge and extend students’ understanding. It is marked instantaneously and these ongoing assessments are shared immediately with Learning Academies’ central hub - informing planning as they go forward. The tutors combine this work with 'traditional tutoring' picking up on those areas students find most challenging.

“Motivational, inspiring and relevant."

They aim to make every session challenging, engaging and interactive. Students are rewarded for their efforts with staged certificates and attendance medals.

"Collaborative working. Achieving Together"

The assessments are ongoing and work is specifically planned to meet the individual needs of students. With the parents’ permission, Learning Academies encourages the students’ class teacher to share their own, school based targets, and they will pick these up to ensure a consistent and effective approach.

Watch the video

Matthew Brakenbury, Director of Education tells how Learning Academies uses EdPlace. Watch and learn!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnjDu_kvvlk]

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